What is Open Hours?

Open Hours is an online and mobile browser for finding banks, stores, restaurants and other useful services on the go.
Whether you are interested in the opening hours, or just want to know the location of a particular service, Open Hours has the information you need:

  • Users can search for places in their vicinity, or specify a custom starting location to execute the search from.
  • Our community is widespread, because we actively involve users in the updating and expanding process. As a user, you are able to contribute by adding more places or reporting irregularities in the existing data.
  • Service owners and retailers can add or promote their locations and acquire the right, to edit the corresponding information themselves.

Our service is available for all modern browsers and also for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile platforms, with data from over 10 countries from around the globe. We monitor your feedback very frequently, to ensure our information is up to date.

Join us! Visit your country’s Open Hours homepage and start exploring today!

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