350 Avenue de Châtillon
74300 CLUSES
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46.06842, 6.58403
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  • lundi
    08.30 - 19.30
  • mardi
    08.00 - 18.00
  • mercredi
    08.30 - 19.30
  • jeudi
    08.30 - 19.30
  • vendredi
    08.00 - 18.00
  • samedi
    08.30 - 19.30
  • dimanche
    08.30 - 12.30
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09. fév. 2019 at 6:41

Yesterday 8th February I had a problem with my credit card when paying. I am English and unfamiliar with the machine. The lady cashier was extremely loudly rude to me. I asked for her name, she refused to give it. I asked for the manager, she said they wouldn’t be interested. When a kind French gentleman tried to reason with her she was rude to him as well! Said gentleman followed me into the car park to sympathise and say I mustn’t think all French people are like that because she wasn’t French. Indeed she wasn’t. I don’t care what nationality she was, being rude to a flustered customer in her seventies is not good service. Shame...most Lidl staff, though under pressure, are helpful.

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