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07. sept. at 10:31

On september the 6th 2020, I have done 71 euro of fuel at the station and now I see that additional 120 euros have been taken immediately as I inserted the card (3 minutes before the 71 euro payment-which are the time required to full the car).
I will start investigation with the bank, hopefully there will be no reasons for stronger measures.

05. jan. at 0:59

This company charge my card twice from buying petrol at the station. The problem now is they can’t speak English n won’t pick the phone. This is terrible n not fair

12. mar. 2018 at 17:46

Dear Sirs,
On Saturday the 10th March 2018 I tried to buy gazole at the Esso station but for some reason the pump would not work and I could not get any fuel so I left and tried elsewhere but I later found out that the Esso garage had taken 222 euros from my visa debit card! I rang the garage but they did not help and could not speak english - please can someone give me a number or email address of someone to contact for my money back

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